You Choose Only the Services You Need
We give you, the customer, control over the information you receive. We will give you ideas from the ‘get go’ rather than
make you buy a bunch of service you don’t need just hear our ideas.

We Use What You Have
Most people have a lot, if not all, of what they need already. Usually with minor changes of arrangement, new paint, etc.
Your place can be looking much different with very little investment. If you have a budget for new furnishings, we'll give
suggestions for them as well.

We Won’t Sell Up
We don’t make our fees based on the value of your project so we have no incentive to sell ‘up’. Also, Since we are
independent of contractors, furniture stores, lumberyards, and home improvement stores, we have no incentive to make
you buy more.

Simple Solutions
Sometimes the simplest solutions that are overlooked make the biggest impact. Good ideas don’t have to lead to
expensive projects. We are adept at making truly creative ideas happen on a budget (Hey, we work on our own houses

We Use Technology
Many interior design methods haven't changed for decades. We simply use the  technology available today so we save
time and money.

We Keep Our Overhead Low
We are building a business for the long haul. High overhead and a small customer base is not the way to start.  Our cars
are inexpensive and squeeze a lot of miles out of a gallon of gas. Our marketing is as creative and cost saving as the
ideas we give you. Also, our rates are based on volume and we only aim to make a living plus cover our little overhead.
What could be wrong with that.

Buying Power
We have already done a lot of the shopping for you. We know where to get labor, finished goods, and materials that will
save you time shopping.

Do It Once
Trial and error are expensive especially if you are paying someone else to do the work. Starting with good design will help
you avoid costly do-overs.
We Save
a better home
Save With Design Q&A